• Designed to support advertising in order to increase revenue by local TV provider. Our goal is to provide a reliable platform with supports by experienced team to deliver advertise contents as you need. Adsys also gives flexibility and scalable solutions; the numbers of channels can be expanding anytime without down-time of the existing system.



    TV Provider will send Cue Tone / DTMF or GPI to indicate their content programs can be replaced by local commercials. JGATER ADSYS will capture and decode Cue Tone / DTMF, then trigger the application to replace commercial breaks with local commercials.



  • Features :
    Four SD or HD SDI video input / output
    Built-in DTMF Decoder and GPI
    Seamlessly switching between program and commercial contents
    Web based scheduling
    Support CSV and text base schedule file
    Real time monitoring
    Wider range DTMF tone recognition
    Programmable pre-roll time
    Generate as-run logs and cue tone log automatically as well as by request.


    Four SDI Input / Output and Cue Trigger


    Web Based Scheduling


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