• qgen

    Cue Tone Encoder is the preferred method of sending control signals over program audio channels. The CTG-2RU is a scheduled Cue Tone generator designed to place DTMF cues on CATV program audio.
    JGaterQGencombines hardware and software capabilities to provide high-precision Cue Tone Encoder.

  • Features

    Cue Tone Scheduling
    Balanced analog audio DTMF tone output with precision frequency.
    Support up to four digit sequential of tones
    Support up to four GPI Input
    Hardware base cue tone generator

    Hardware Information

    Processor Intel Core i5
    Memory 8 GB DDR3 1600 MHz
    Graphic Card Integrated On Board Graphic
    System Drive 500 GB
    Case 1 RU Industrial Rackmount Case
    PSU 400 Watt
    Module Built-in Module
    1 Cue Tone Output and 4 GPI Input
    Operating System Microsoft Windows Pro 7 64 Bit